Floyd County Schools

After hearing frustrations from different principals and academic interventionists, Floyd County Schools ended a program that allowed students who were failing their classes to repair their grades later on in the year.

The Credit Repair program was in place at all four county high schools. Students with grades between 60 and 69 — which is considered failing in Floyd County — were able to improve them through a “less rigorous” computer program, according to Barbara Smith, the director of school improvement and professional learning.

Smith said there was overall frustration coming from principals and academic interventionists that the credit repair program was being abused.

“We were hearing students say out loud, ‘oh I’ve got a 62, I’m just going to stop doing anything because I’m going to just take it again in credit recovery,’” she said. “It was too much of a safety net that doesn’t reflect real world expectation.”

Smith said that, to her surprise, she hasn’t received backlash for the decision that was made in late July.

According to a letter tweeted Monday by Pepperell High School Principal Jamey Alcorn, if a student fails a class, they’ll have to retake the entire course over the summer.

“Having to take a class during a regular semester could keep you from taking a desired elective, or could keep you from being able to attend the College and Career Academy,” Alcorn said in the letter.

Smith said the decision did not come from a whim. Instead, there were multiple conversations and revisions of policies until they felt the best course of action was to terminate Credit Repair completely.

“We ended up having massive numbers of students in a study skills class,” she said. “Then the first two weeks in January, we would work with students if they did not pass their first semester.”

“Take advantage of tutoring sessions to get additional help if needed,” said Alcorn in the same letter. All four high schools in Floyd County offer tutoring. “Talk with your teachers if you have concerns with your grade. The faculty and staff want you to be successful, and will assist you in making that happen,” he said.

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