Two leaders at Darlington will take on new roles in the next school year, Head of School Brent Bell announced Wednesday.

Stefan Eady, assistant head of school for academic resources, will take on a new role as assistant head of school for academic affairs, effective July 1.

Eady will serve as the chief academic officer of the school in directing and developing the Pre-K to 12 academic program and faculty. This position is responsible for the implementation of the school’s Cycle of Learning.

“We have not had anyone in a whole-school academic role of this kind since Academic Dean David Powell’s retirement in 2016,” Bell said in a press release.

Bell said the position requires someone who can “think broadly and bring groups together” and Eady has already proven his merit.

“This role requires someone who is both a problem solver and problem identifier as we seek to empower our students and strive for continual improvement,” Bell said. “Most importantly, the assistant head of school for academic affairs will ensure that Darlington has a skilled, student-centered, enthusiastic, and diverse faculty that supports the mission and goals of the school.”

Eady said he looks forward to working more closely with faculty and staff in his new role and providing support.

“Darlington educates our students really well, but there are still plenty of opportunities to get better,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working with our entire community to address the needs of our existing programs as well as identify new ways to grow and innovate.”

Derek Fine will replace Eady as director of information technology.

“I have loved leading the I.T. Office for the past 18 years and that may be the hardest part of my own transition, but I am thankful and relieved to have someone of Derek’s experience and knowledge,” Eady said.

Fine joined Darlington’s IT department in 2015 as technology support specialist. He was promoted to technology support coordinator in 2016 and network administrator in 2020.

“I am grateful for this new opportunity,” said Fine. “Our IT team is very strong and has thrived under Stefan’s leadership. The technology programs at Darlington are on solid footing and align with the goals of the school, helping to maximize the learning experience for each student. I look forward to building upon this foundation.”

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