Darlington Lower School parents got the chance to visit campus Friday morning to watch their kids participate in the Halloween costume parade.

Lower School Director Hope Jones said they were worried about the weather and not having power at the school, but the sky was just a little cloudy and power had been restored at the building just in time.

“Power or no power, we were having it anyway,” she said.

Since the school year started, this event has been the first time parents were able to visit the campus and interact with each other. Masks were mandatory for the event and Darlington staff took temperatures as people entered the courtyard area.

“This is also a great way for new parents to meet other parents and interact with each other,” Jones said.

During the costume parade, students were dressed up in a wide variety of costumes. There were Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes and several iconic movie characters, such as Marty McFly from “Back to the Future,” an agent from “Men in Black” and a couple of kids dressed up as Tom Cruise in “Top Gun.”

Other notable costumes included a hot dog, a Minecraft character, Rachel Green from “Friends,” a girl on a Zoom call and a “Space Jam” Bugs Bunny.

The middle schoolers, who had their own performances after the parade, watched from their classroom windows as the students walked around the medallion in front of the Lower School building.

They had to change up the parade route this year, according to Jones, to allow for social distancing. However, a lot of the teachers and students said they liked the new route better.

“We’ve been redoing a lot of events and traditions and in some ways, we’re making them better,” Jones said.

Java Joy was also onsite at the event, handing out coffee and hot chocolate to parents while they watched the parade.

Erica Cates, the national expansion coordinator for the business, said they’ve had a great first week in Rome.

“Rome is one of the most kind and gracious towns I’ve ever been to,” she said.

The coffee cart is run by adults with developmental disabilities, who have either never had a job or have never had one “where they are the face.” Currently, there are 15 “joy-ristas” working with the Rome cart.

Cates went on to say they’ve visited several businesses around Rome over the past week, including Garden Lakes Realty and Do Good Boutique. Later on Friday, they set up their cart in front of Honeymoon Bakery for another Halloween event.

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