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It’s not unusual for budget discussion to dominate the agenda at Floyd County Board of Education meetings this time of year, in the middle of a pandemic however, this spring’s planning will have a few extra hurdles.

The board will hold its regular monthly meeting Monday morning at 8:30. There will be no caucus beforehand.

“We’re talking about a continuing resolution,” FCS Superintendent Jeff Wilson said. “We’re looking at about a 14% reduction from the state, across the board.”

Wilson said continuing resolutions are unusual, but with the interruption of the state legislature session, local schools boards don’t yet have all the necessary information to pass budgets.

A continuing resolution would allow the board to continue to operate as normal under the current budget amounts until a new one can be passed this summer. If needed, the resolution would take effect July 1.

According to Wilson, the board will make adjustments as needed once all the information from the state and county is available.

“We’ve got a budget plan for 5, 10, 20% reductions,” Wilson said. “It’s kind of hard until the legislature meets. If we don’t get (a budget) done by July, we can pass a one month resolution.” Wilson said he’ll be asking the board for that resolution Monday so the system won’t be caught off guard if it’s needed.

“We’ll be ready, we’ve tried to prepare for this,” Board Chair Tony Daniel said. “You never know when something’s going to happen. We’ve tried to build that fund up and it’s paying off right now.”

Daniel said normally by this time the process is much more developed, but without a budget from the state and final numbers from local entities, it’s just a waiting game.

“We wait until the governor signs (the budget) so we know what we’re looking at from the state, then the tax digest from the county with the millage rate and everything,” Daniel said.

Also on the agenda will be discussion of the system nurse’s contract, which is up for renewal.

“We’re looking to add some nurses,” Wilson said. “We’ve not had one at the middle and high schools, so we’re looking at using federal money to share nurses across the system.”

On Monday, system principals will also be sharing plans for upcoming events to recognize seniors on the 22nd and 23rd, and will be planning for a traditional graduation in July.

"We’re looking at some dates,” Wilson said. “We’re just trying to make it as normal as possible for our kids as much as we can.”

The board is also expected to talk facility updates and discuss nutrition.

With budget discussions on the agenda, the board has chosen to meet in person Monday, but in order to maintain safe, social distancing, they are limiting the number of in-person attendees to members of the board and designated personnel only.

To join Monday’s meeting by phone, members of the public may dial 1-385-404-0792, and enter the pin 530 264 070#.

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