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At the request of local pastors, Floyd County and Rome City school officials worked together to try to get their spring and fall breaks to align this year.

Spring break for both school systems will run April 5 through April 9 for the 2020-2021 school year. The two school systems couldn’t agree on moving fall break, however.

Rome City Schools’ fall break will start on Oct. 5 and end on Oct. 9, 2021.

Floyd County Schools’ fall break will begin the week after, on Oct. 12, 2021.

According to FCS Superintendent Jeff Wilson, the system couldn’t change its fall break due to budgetary reasons.

School systems receive some of their state funding based on their Full Time Equivalent count. Simply put, if FCS had aligned its fall break with RCS, Wilson said, the system could have lost $100,000 because they wouldn’t have had enough FTE days.

“That’s a lot of money when you’re trying to save as much money as possible,” Wilson said. “That’s two teacher positions I wouldn’t have been able to hire.”

As far as spring break, FCS spokeswoman Lenora McEntire Doss said that having the two systems align their spring break is important for the community.

“From an academic standpoint, it’s not that important,” Doss said. “From a community standpoint, it seems like there’s more unity. Whenever we have breaks that are the same, it also helps St. Mary’s and Unity.”

RCS Superintendent Lou Byars shared the sentiment. Upon meeting with a number of pastors from the Floyd County community, he said that both city and county systems having their breaks align make it easier for pastors to go on youth trips.

“This fall, the pastors said the coordinating of breaks would be helpful to plan youth events,” he said. “I’m glad that we were able to do that this year.

Both FCS and RCS representatives said they hope to continue to align breaks in the future.

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