A variety of Cypress Pond and Cup Oak trees were planted at Tolbert Park Friday afternoon for the Arbor Day Celebration.

The park, which sits between the historic Summerville Park neighborhood and Park Avenue Baptist Church, is known for its tall trees, having a part of Little Dry Creek and being home to a lot of memories.

It’s named for the late Rome City Commissioner George “Sonny” Tolbert, who was a longtime resident of the neighborhood and helped found the nearby church.

Since it often floods after long periods of rain, the Cypress Pond trees were chosen to absorb the extra water.

Tolbert’s daughter Paula Abney talked about her childhood and her memories of both the neighborhood and the park.

The crowd was reminded of the late 60s and early 70s as Abney described sliding down hot metal slides, going to the old Dairy King, running to friends’ houses to see if they could come play and her kindergarten class, which met in a house in the neighborhood.

“I still sometimes drive through Summerville Park just for the memories,” Abney said.

You can watch some of the Arbor Day Celebration on the Keep Rome-Floyd Beautiful page.

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