While St. Mary’s Catholic School remains closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, four young siblings didn’t forget the school’s annual tradition of honoring the Blessed Mother Mary.

The quarantine version of the Crowning of Mary went forward on May Day at the home of Grady, 13; Sage, 9; Auggie, 7; and Elsie, 4, Smith.

“The Crowning of Mary is a special ceremony with the PreK classes and the eighth grade,” their mother, Karen Smith, explained in an email. “The eighth-graders walk to the statue of Mary in the front of the school, holding hands with the PreK students, representing the oldest and the youngest.”

All the students in the school then bring flowers to lay at the feet of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the classes take pictures in front of the statue.

The stay-at-home version included flowers from their home garden, the statue of Mary from a bookshelf and a family prayer including the Hail Mary.

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