wooden bowl

Philip Moulthrop, California Redwood, 13 x 16.25”

Rome residents can experience a exhibition of unique natural beauty at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville.

The exhibit, “ Edward, Philip and Matt Moulthrop: Western Woods,” is now open to the public and offers a rare and special triple treat. First is the opportunity to celebrate the three-generation dynasty of artisans who transformed woodturning into an elite art form, mainly using Southeastern woods as their raw material.

Second is the chance to see Philip and Matt’s response to a challenge issued by the Booth to create work using a variety of wood found in the American West. Among the fruits of their labor, guests will find stunning pieces made from California Redwood, Texas Mulberry, Desert Mesquite, Ponderosa Pine, Gooding Willow and Western Red Cedar.

And, third is the prospect of viewing this resulting, amazing body of new work juxtaposed with ten of family patriarch Ed’s bowls drawn from private collections, all made from the Southeastern woods he so enjoyed.

Ed (deceased) taught his son Philip and grandson Mat the skills of wood turning and each of then has developed a unique style and created distinctive designs.

The exhibit runs through Oct. 4 at the Booth Western Art Museum, 501 Museum Drive, Cartersville.

For more information about the Moulthrop family, visit their website, www.moulthropstudios.com.

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