Former Rome resident Harry Musselwhite is cowriter on a screenplay that’s been picked up by a production company in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Goodwest Productions, a film and television production company based in Santa Fe, has optioned “The Penny,” an original screenplay by New Mexico writers Donald Davenport and Harry Musselwhite.

The film is set in New Mexico and will be developed in 2020 for production in 2021, said Goodwest Productions cofounder Steve Graham.

“We have a great script that weaves a deep and colorful New Mexico tale with diverse characters and strong storytelling,” Graham said. “We’re ready to get started as soon as the state is opened up, and it’s safe to move forward.”

Davenport codeveloped the story with Larry Richardson, a Los Angeles native, an award-winning playwright, and a Western-genre novelist who resides in Cleveland, Tenn. Davenport and Musselwhite cowrote the screenplay.

Musselwhite is a former Rome resident and Berry College professor of music. He is a film festival veteran as well as a singer, conductor, and guitarist who has appeared in venues from Carnegie Hall to the cathedrals of Europe. He authored a children’s music trilogy — “Martin the Guitar,” “Martin the Guitar on the Road,” and “Martin the Guitar in the Big City” — and produced Martin audiobooks in 2020 with Davenport.

Goodwest Productions is currently seeking financing partnerships and is open to coproductions for “The Penny.” Goodwest Productions is focused on the development of New Mexico projects by writers and filmmakers who have strong connections to the state. The connection between writing duo Davenport and Musselwhite with Goodwest Productions began after a meeting in 2019 at the New Mexico Film Office’s yearly film and media conference.

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