Grab a socket wrench and take a seat … or two.

Rome Little Theatre plans to uproot its older theater chairs at the DeSoto Theatre on Sunday to make room for new seating. The theater is at 530 Broad St. in downtown Rome.

Members of the community can assist in the removal and take home a chair in the process.

Volunteers are urged to bring work gloves and have their flashlights and impact drivers with 11/16 sockets ready to go.

Old seats will be sold for $25 each; helping hands will have their choice of a free seat.

“These are the original seats from when the Rome Little Theatre bought the DeSoto from the Lams back when it was a movie theater,” said Megan Keating of the RLT. “We’re looking to take out all of seats in one day so we can prep the floors for the new seating. … The more, the merrier.”

Keating said RLT, in collaboration with Seven Hills Fellowship Church and the Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation, plans to take out all of the 485 original blue seats in the theater to make room for 500 new seats.

“We are replacing the older blue, bulkier chairs with the new ones that are absolutely beautiful,” she said.

The new chairs, which will arrive Nov. 20, will feature plush red velour upholstery with pressed-ironwork siding for the endcaps. Interior seating will have wooden armrests.

Sunday’s removal will give RLT nearly two weeks to prep the floors before the new seats arrive.

Keating said the seating will reproduce the historical feel of the theater.

“They are more historically accurate and fitting with the time period of the opening the theater,” she added.

Keating said that in correlation with the seats’ arrival, individuals can “Name-A-Seat” for the new chairs. Small plaques will be placed with the names of donors for $500.

Old chairs, which have been upholstered twice since their installment, will be sold individually or in rows.

Keating said some adjustments might need to be made to make the seating more home-friendly.

“Because the floor is on an incline, they might need to be leveled,” she said. “Plus, because they are theater seatings a single chair will have only one armrest, so it might be best to grab a couple.”

Any seats left over will be stored and possibly auctioned off later, Keating added.

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