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The Rome-Floyd Planning Department is asking people to participate in the 30-day public comment period for the Metropolitan Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Plan drafts.

The two documents are integral to how transportation is funded in the county, starting with the five-year TIP.

“The TIP is projects that have been funded and allocated for the next five to six years,” Transportation Planner Kayla Schaaf said.

It’s a result of comprehensive transportation planning at the local level, combined with cooperation and assistance from state and federal officials.

The TIP is a subdocument of the MTP, which is a 50-year plan that lays out the kind of projects the planning department wants to tackle. This includes traffic lights, turning lanes, stop signs, road paving and bridge repairs.

Improvements along Second Avenue and Ga. 101 South are among the projects featured in the TIP.

In the next few years, The Georgia Department of Transportation will be removing the Y-intersection that people use to head towards West Rome and installing a four-way intersection instead.

Most of the MTP is comprised of road resurfacing plans and bridge preservation, as well as creating a new leg of the bypass to connect to U.S. 27.

Other proposed projects include bike lanes on Broad Street and First Avenue and widening Ga. 20.

Floyd County is classified as a Metropolitan Planning Organization. Schaaf said an MPO designation is required for areas with a population of over 50,000 to receive federal funds. It must follow certain rules and guidelines, one of which is putting together a MTP.

The planning department hired Pond and Co. through GDOT and the Federal Highway Administration to help create traffic demand models and generate a list of transportation projects that will be the most important for the next 30 years.

Right now, both the MTP and TIP are still in draft form.

They’re seeking comments and suggestions from the public before it is finalized and sent to GDOT in early May.

Planning Director Artagus Newell said he has contacted government officials from Floyd County, Rome and Cave Spring to post the documents on their respective social media pages to boost participation.

You can find the MTP and TIP on the social media pages or on the Transportation Planning page on the Rome-Floyd website. Comments on the documents should be submitted to Schaaf at or 706-236-5025.

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