Local artists, Ellie Borromeo and Xaivier Ringer have launched Rome Mural CoLab, an initiative they hope will ignite public spaces and interest in Rome through mural art.

The pair will kick off the project with a mural at the Martha Berry Boulevard/North 5th Avenue corridor at Gogo at the Shoebox.

The move is part of their greater vision to “activate public art and the creative culture of Rome, drive tourism and local engagement, build artists’ economic power, and encourage female empowerment, leadership, collaboration and inclusivity.”

But they need the community’s help to do that.

In order to meet their vision for a greater and more colorful Rome, Borromeo and Ringer are seeking financial support from the community. These funds will be used to employ two artists and two collaborators, and provide supplies, promotion and the 1000-square-foot mural. The artists detail their vision and ways to invest to successfully complete the project on their website romemuralcolab.com.

“This mural initiative is a culmination of ideas and a desire to inject public art via a comprehensive plan since 2015 and we are so excited,” Ringer said. “Our design incorporates lettering, bold and bright colors and illustrates some of Romes’ unique attributes. Our messaging and design also intend to unify the community as we gain perspective during the COVID-19 pandemic and represent motivational ideas on how we can work together towards equality.”

Ringer, has been creating murals in Rome and beyond for 10 years. After painting a mural on South Broad Street, she and Borromeo decided to collaborate on their shared love of murals and desire to lead change in a tangible way. Borromeo is a graphic designer who enjoys the craft of beautiful design, illustration, lettering and experiential art.

For more information about the project or to donate, visit online at romemuralcolab.com.

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