An elderly man in Armuchee is about to get some much needed help as the community rallies around him.

The Floyd County Police Department sent out a press release this week as well as a social media post about a new project that FCPD Works is taking on. A 63-year-old Armuchee man is battling an aggressive cancer as well as other health complications.

According to FCPD, the man’s situation has forced him to seek home health and hospice but he is embarrassed because his home and yard are in such disrepair and in a state of neglect.

On the weekend of July 16-18, The Floyd County Police Department is working with the Sheriff’s Office, Brotherhood of Firefighters and Rome-Floyd Litter & Blight Task Force to make his home more livable.

But they need the public’s help to do so. Sgt. Chris Fincher with the FCPD said the man has been living alone since the death of his wife six years ago and a number of factors, including his deteriorating health, have led to his home and yard falling into disprepair.

“He hasn’t had garbage pickup service in quite a while. It’s all been kept inside,” Fincher said. “He has had animals that haven’t been able to go outside so they’ve been inside for a while as well. He has taken good care of them, however. Some have been adopted out and Dippity Do-Da Dogs is boarding several of them. They were clean and well fed but the gentleman has essentially been sleeping on the porch because of the heat inside the house.

“The house looks abandoned,” Fincher added, “just because of the brush and grass that have grown up. The Rome-Floyd County Litter & Blight Task Force is helping with that and someone will come cut the grass. That will allow him to let the dogs out.”

Fincher said all the items requested at the beginning of the week for home improvements have been donated by generous community members and businesses. So cash donations are now being requested.

“Right now we’re asking for cash donations,” he said. “At the moment we can’t even get five feet into the house because of stuff piled up in there. We don’t know what the house is gonna be like when we move things out. We’ve got a lot of cleaning to do as well as repairs.”

Fincher said those cash donations will go toward purchasing furniture, hygiene products, bedding and other supplies needed after the home is thoroughly cleaned.

“We also want to build a ramp for access to the house,” he said. “There’s a lot of work to do. I’m sure we’ll have new challenges once we actually get in there and start working. Cash donations will help take care of any need that arises.”

Aside from the donations of appliances and cleaning products from the community, Fincher said Rome and Floyd County residents have really stepped up to assist the project. A local family has agreed to pay for garbage pickup service for a year. Walmart has reached out to help and a local hospice has offered their services as well.

Volunteers are still needed for the challenging project, however. Fincher said if individuals or groups would like to volunteer their time and energy, they should email him at

Cash/check donations can be dropped off at the Floyd County Police Department or can be sent through Paypal at the following address —

This is not the first time such a project has been attempted. Last year FCPD Works helped a Garden Lakes resident in a similar fashion thanks to donations from community members and local businesses.

“This project will really help our fellow community member live a better quality of life,” Fincher said. “And quality of life goes a long way in extending someone’s lifespan. We’re making his home cleaner and that will improve his health and reduce his stress levels.”

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