When Kate White and the decorators at Honeymoon Bakery were brainstorming for this year’s gingerbread house, someone hit on a brilliant idea.

It’s a Christmas tradition for the bakery to create and display a beautiful (and delicious) gingerbread house. And each year there’s a different theme.

Well this year’s theme will be easily recognizable to lots of Rome residents.

White, the manager at Honeymoon Bakery, and the decorators have recreated the McCallister house from the now iconic 1990 film “Home Alone” in which an eight-year-old troublemaker is accidentally left alone at Christmas and must defend his home from a pair of bungling burglars.

“When we were brainstorming, most people agreed we wanted something familiar especially after the year we’ve had,” she said. “And we think that so many people are familiar with this movie and the characters.”

After gathering lots of ideas from all the decorators, the gingerbread house came together after many hours and is now on display at Honeymoon Bakery on Broad Street.

White said it was a collaborative effort with all the decorators either working directly on the house or having input on its design.

The front of the house features the movie’s main character, Kevin, in his trademark hands-on-cheeks expression when he realizes his family has left him behind and gone on Christmas vacation. Fans of the movie will also notice that the pizza delivery car has (of course) knocked over the statue at the front of the house.

Moving around back, the van used by the Wet Bandits — Marv and Harry — is parked, and the two culprits have apparently had a run-in with Kevin as they lay flat on their backs beneath Kevin’s treehouse.

The treehouse itself is featured prominently in a scene from the movie and the Honeymoon decorators very creatively added it to their design, linking it to the main house with a wire...just like it was in the movie.

And almost everything from the walls to the snow to the grass and even the treehouse itself is edible, having been made out of gingerbread and fondant. The cars are rice crispies treats.

In a happy coincidence, the day the house was finally completed was Nov. 16 which is the 30th anniversary of the release of “Home Alone.”

The gingerbread house will be on display at the bakery until Christmas Eve when it will make its way to the children’s wing at Floyd Medical Center.

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