Sunday, Feb. 8, 1970

Mrs. Mitchell receives ‘Secretary of the Year’ award

Mrs. Mitchell, secretary to Horace E. Frost, manager of manufacturing, and George G. Poulson, manager of engineering at General Electric Company’s Rome Medium Transformer Department, has been named “Secretary of the Year” by the Rome chapter, National Secretaries Assn. (International).

Mrs. Mitchell will represent the Rome chapter in the Georgia division of the national contest in May in Gainesville. She has been a member of the Rome chapter for three years and has served as chairman of the program and ways and means committee. Presently, she is recording secretary.

She resides at 24 Conway Place and has one son, Charles.

Charles Doss, general manager of radio station WROM, was guest speaker, discussing the history of radio and defining broadcasting’s place in the world.

Plans were finalized for activities during “Secretaries Week,” to be observed April 19-25. It will be climaxed with a seminar at Berry College. “Personality in Business” will be the theme of the seminar April 25.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Mrs. Janice Abernathy, employed at Fox Mfg. Co., was installed as a new member.

100 years ago as presented in the February 1920 editions of the Rome Tribune-Herald

There were 140 new cases of flu reported in the city, but very little pneumonia is being found with it. The county health commissioner states that the flu this season is of a very mild type, and that there is no need of alarm on the part of the citizens of Rome and the county. The physicians state that they have the situation well in hand, and are prepared to handle anything that will come up.


Members of the American Legion here are planning an extensive advertising campaign to convince former servicemen that they should hold on to their war risk insurance, or have it reinstated if they have dropped it.

The Legion says the $12 million of war risk insurance held by Floyd County boys has been dropped. This is a tremendous financial loss to the community.

Bankers and businessmen generally are cooperating with the Legion members, and will pay for a series of advertisements in the Rome newspapers, showing that the insurance should be held.

The first advertisement of the series, a contribution from the Tribune-Herald, appears elsewhere.

Tuesday, Feb. 10, 1970

Hippie family loyal to Manson

LOS ANGELES (AP) – At least eight members of a hippie-style “family,” still loyal to their jailed leader Charles M. Manson, have been ordered to testify when he goes to trial on murder and conspiracy charges in the slayings of actress Sharon Tate and six others.

The trail date was set Monday for March 30, and five girls and three young men were subpoenaed when they showed up to court to watch the colorfully clad Manson act as his own attorney.

In gypsy-like tattered lace, satin and fringes, the group formed a ragged gallery in the front rows of the spectator section at his court appearance.

One girl, called Gypsy, cuddled a 4-month-old baby she called Elf. A couple held hands and nuzzled.

When the prosecution subpoenaed the group, Manson objected, saying “They’re my witnesses.”

The trial may be delayed by the birth of a baby to one of the defendants.

Linda Kasabian, 20, who came to court in a white maternity smock, is expecting a child the first week in April, her attorney said. However, Superior Court Judge William B. Keene set the March 30 trial date for her, Manson and Leslie Van Houston, 19, saying he would consider Mrs. Kasabian’s physical condition then.

Manson and four followers are accused in the slayings of Miss Tate and four visitors to her home. Manson and five followers are charged with killing Mr. and Mrs. Leno LaBianca, wealthy store owners, the following night. The prosecutor wants a joint trial.

The “family” still lives communally in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles. They are frequent visitors to the jail, running errands for Manson and raising funds for his defense.

Manson, in gold velvet trousers and white Edwardian shirt, told the judge he wants a change of venue. The judge set next Monday for arguments on that and other motions. He denied another Manson motion to dismiss charges, but granted a motion for discovery of prosecution evidence – making it available for defense review.

Wednesday, Feb. 11, 1970

Regents OK more junior college funds

The expenditure of $70,000 for expansion of the physical facilities of Floyd Junior College was approved by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia today.

The money will be used to add covered passageways and a connecting area between the academic building and the student services building. These items were included in the original plans but were deleted when the project was re-designed to keep it within the amount of money available to construct the college’s initial facilities.

The project budget remains within the funds available after approval of the $70,000 expenditure.

Friday, Feb. 13, 1970

Dragons, Chiefs, Gladiators co-favored in mat tournament

Nine area Class AA wrestling teams will be working on an individual and team basis this weekend in the Area 1 mat preliminaries scheduled at Pepperell High School.

The matmen will be going after wins in order to advance to state competition, while the team standing will depend on how many of his teammates make the advancement.

The two top wrestlers in each weight division will move into the state finals at Columbia High School in Atlanta on Feb. 20-21. In other words, a total of 24 boys will be eligible to advance to the big event.

The teams participating in the preliminary will be host Pepperell, West Rome, East Rome, Cass, Cartersville, Cedartown, Calhoun, Ringgold and Lakeview.

The event will get underway Friday at 7 p.m., while the semifinals are scheduled for Saturday at 10 a.m. and the finals will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Pepperell is favored to take team honors for the event after posting a third place finishing spot in the Northwest Georgia Tournament two weeks ago. The first and second place finishers, Rockmart and Wheeler, are not participating in this area event.

Stiff competition is expected to derive from West Rome, East Rome and Calhoun. All three have strong teams and a number of individuals will be considered top contenders.

For instance, Billy Creamer of East Rome and John Kendrick of Pepperell were the outstanding matmen in the recent invitational tournament.

Also, West Rome has Henry Studyvent, Sam Tucker and Chuck Kinnebrew capable of winning at anytime, while Pepperell has Dana Burkhalter, Donnie Blankenship, Lenny Ely and Randy Johnson listed among the top matsmen.

East Rome can counter with Joe Freeman, Leroy Griffin and Larry Waddell, while Calhoun has three fine lightweight grapplers in Leroy Garland, Solomon Boone and James Harris.

Meanwhile, the Area 1 State Class A preliminary will be held at Woodward Academy during the same period with Rockmart, McEachern, Bremen and Fayette County participating.

100 years ago as presented in the February 1920 editions of the Rome Tribune-Herald

In Chicago, the rules committee of the Major Leagues decided that when a home run is hit in the last half of the final inning, the batter and all runners ahead of him score.

They also provided a catcher may not step out of his regular position in order to aid the pitcher in deliberately walking a batter.

The Board of Directors of the American League decided to abolish the spitball at the close of the 1920 season. In the meanwhile each club will be allowed two spitball twirlers.


While the cost of living as to clothes seems to be on the uprise, with no special hope of it coming down soon, there are indications that a man can get something to eat cheaper than he has been paying in the past two years.

Eggs that were selling for 80 and 90 cents a dozen can now be bought for 50 cents a dozen, and the price of meat is quoted 5 and 6 cents cheaper. The price of lard is lower than it has been in many months.

These figures with the statement that flour on the Chicago markets is being quoted lower, to reductions being recorded during the past week, give some hope to the eating folks that there may be a chance of getting next to a good meal again at a reasonable price.

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