As fish, turtles and even an alligator looked on, Rome residents used the Rome Floyd ECO Center for a little fun and fundraising.

The center hosted a Sip N’ Paint fundraiser Thursday evening.

Local artist Siri Selle led a group of 11 guests in painting a colorful cow. She gave a brief introduction for those who had never attended a Sip N Paint before, then walked everyone through the process of sketching out their cows, then started adding color.

As they sipped drinks and socialized, the cows started taking shape. Some were colorful, while others were a little more realistically colored.

“But there are no mistakes or wrong choices,” Selle said. “The great thing about this is everyone gets to choose the colors they like. Some people choose colors that match their decor at home. Some just like to have fun and get creative.”

Selle, the owner of Studio Siri, a local art studio, has hosted several similar events in Rome. She said people enjoy these events as gatherings with friends, social occasions or even birthday parties. This one happened be a fundraiser for the ECO Center.

“Our Berry College Bonners developed a new exhibit area that will house our alligator and a new gopher tortoise,” said the center’s director Ben Winkelman. “The Bonner Foundation is helping with the material cost and (the) sip and paint proceeds will help as well.

Guests paid $40 per person for all the materials and instruction They were encouraged to bring a beverage to sip on. The event was 18+.

Auburn and Jeff Brasher were adding all sorts of bright colors to their cows. The Brashers have attended previous similar events and said they have fun and get to take a piece of art home.

“And it also feels great knowing we’re helping out the ECO Center,” Auburn said. “We work at a nonprofit so we know what it’s like to get that community support and we’re glad to be able to support the ECO Center like this.”

Selle walked around to each participant, offering tips and suggestions as each individual cow took shape.

“What’s great about something like this is that anyone can do it,” she said. “We even do it for little kids. If someone makes a mistake it’s no big deal because we can easily paint over it and fix it.”

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