Local potter Lisa Ingram couldn’t meet with Rome residents in person to create pottery. So she did the next best thing.

She wanted to keep folks creating pottery even while they were at home so she organized online projects for adults and kids.

Project kits include fresh, brand new clay which Ingram packages while she makes sure to take proper measures not to spread germs. The projects also include an option to use “Stroke n Coat” glazes to decorate pieces.

“Projects require minimal tools,” Ingram said. “Most will simply require something small to scratch the surface with (like a plastic fork), a paintbrush, a bowl of water and a non-stick work surface like a piece of cardboard. She even offers like to simple tool sets people can order online.

Projects include garden mushrooms, flower bowls, butter dishes and owls. A single project box costs $35 and goes up to $120 for four boxes.

Once registered for a project, people can pick up their kits during scheduled pickup times and then follow along as Ingram instructs via videos on her Youtube channel.

Once they’re done creating their unique pieces of pottery, class members can drop them off (at scheduled drop offs). Ingram then takes the pieces home, fires them, glazes them and fires them one more time. The firing process goes up to 2,200 degrees which removes any potential germs. Pieces are unloaded using gloves and are returned safely to their makers.

The result is beautiful and colorful pottery displayed in area homes that can be displayed proudly as the owner’s work.

For more information about the projects or to register, email Lisa Ingram at potterybylisa@gmail.com

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