The ghosts of Cave Spring once again have their time to shine.

In an annual event that has become increasingly popular, the strange and spooky spirits that reside in some Cave Spring’s oldest buildings will come to light during “Cave Spring Ghost Tours 2020.”

For close to 10 years, Billy Wayne Abernathy has been leading the ghost tours, introducing the public not only to some of the paranormal tales associated with the city, but with the general history of Cave Spring itself.

The event has drawn visitors from surrounding areas for years.

This year, the walking tour will take place Oct. 23 and 24, with tours at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. and will visit six historic locations. The guided tours will visit the Hearn Inn, City Hall, the Cabin, the old Baptist church, Hearn Academy and exclusive entry into the cave for which Cave Spring is named.

Some of the stories are sure to spook visitors, as some locals tell of mysterious occurrences and strange sightings in the buildings on the tour.

“There’s no surprise to me that people have experienced strange things in these buildings,” Abernathy said. “They’re old. And I myself have had very unusual things happen when I’ve been in some of them.”

He said doors will close of their own accord, guests downstairs will hear voices upstairs when no one else is in the building and in City Hall in particular, folks have had lights turn on and off inexplicably.

Abernathy said he and other volunteers will be leading the walking tours and each stop, members of the Southern Paranormal Investigators will be retelling their findings and experiences from past investigations at each location.

“Cave Spring is the oldest town in Floyd County,” Abernathy said. “We have a unique history here. We’ve got Cherokee history and a lot of old houses and old buildings. There’s so much for people to learn and experience here.”

Abernathy added that visitors can walk downtown, enjoy a meal at a local restaurant and then take one of the ghost tours.

Tickets are $10 and are available at The Peddler Gift Shop in Cave Spring as well as online at or on Facebook by searching “Cave Spring Ghost Tours 2020.” Due to covid restrictions, tickets will be limited so organizers suggest buying tickets early.

Comfortable shoes are recommended since some of the locations are off the paved path. Although the stories are not explicit, they are intended for a more grown-up audience. Adults must accompany all children under 10 years of age.

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