It may seem a little early to be decorating holiday wreaths, but at Cancer Navigators it’s just the right time to get people in the decorating spirit.

The annual wreath fundraiser is just around the corner and the organization needs the community’s help in decorating wreaths that will be sold in November.

Sarah Husser, fundraising and community outreach coordinator for Cancer Navigators, said anyone in the community is welcome to decorate a wreath that will then be sold.

“People traditionally have done holiday themed wreaths but if anyone wants to do a fall-themed wreath they are welcome do do so and bring those in a little earlier to be sold in time for fall.”

The annual fundraiser usually brings in around $7,000 for the organization which assists locals who are battling cancer.

“Right now, especially over the past year, we’ve seen that our patients top needs have been transportation, liquid nutrition and counseling,” Husser said. “The money raised by selling these wreaths goes to help those three programs. We try to identify patients’ greatest needs and adjust our budget toward those.”

Husser said anyone in the community is welcome to decorate a wreath and return it by Oct. 29. Those decorating fall-themed wreaths can turn them in earlier. Community groups, churches, businesses and individuals are welcome to participate and are free to choose their theme.

The Harbin Clinic Cancer Center is providing undecorated green wreaths which can be picked up at Cancer Navigators and used as a base, but those aren’t required to be used.

“In the past we’ve had so many different people from all over the community participate,” Husser said. “Last year it was so interesting to see cancer patients, caregivers, survivors, businesses, garden clubs and churches all participate. Some people use it as sort of healing and therapy. And others just enjoy being creative and helping Cancer Navigators. We never know what we’ll get because everyone has different tastes and styles and creativity.”

Those wishing to use a green wreath provided by Cancer Navigators can call the office at 706-509-5040 or email

In the past, the wreaths were all auctioned off in the month of November, but the format has changed, Husser said, so now a majority of the wreaths will be available for sale on a yet-to-be-determined Saturday morning in November outside the cancer center. The public can simply visit the sale and purchase any of the wreaths they want.

After than, a select few of the remaining wreaths will be put online for purchase while others will be available to be bid on.

Visit online at and click on the link that reads “Decorate a Wreath to Support Cancer Patients” for additional information.

“It is amazing the joy and healing this fundraiser brings both the wreath decorators and purchasers, especially during these challenging times,” Husser said. “Most importantly, all proceeds help cancer patients in crisis with transportation assistance, nutrition and counseling, giving them the opportunity to fight cancer and increasing their chances of survival.”

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