If Rome residents can’t safely gather at concert halls and auditoriums, the Rome Symphony Orchestra will bring the music to them.

Symphony patrons can bring an upcoming concert into their homes with the help of a live-streamed performance on Jan. 30 that will be accessible through Feb. 6.

“Piano Masterworks with Alex Wasserman” is a live streamed concert that patrons can watch safely from the comfort of their homes. The concert will take place on Jan. 30 and the musicians will be performing together in a traditional concert setting, just without an audience.

The symphony’s conductor, Maestro Jeffrey Dokken said RSO tried a virtual format for a concert in September and although patrons were skeptical at first, he received immediate and positive responses afterward.

“People were saying it was so nice to be able to watch the concert while eating dinner,” he said. “And people asked if the next time we could post the concert for a few days so that’s what we’re doing.”

This concert will be available online for a week. Dokken said he found it interesting that this format allows people to absorb and appreciate the music in a different way.

“I’m all about making this music accessible to more people,” he said. “If someone has been luke warm about this type of music, this is a good way for them to experience it, with their family, at home without having to go to a traditional venue.”

Dokken said a virtual format has some aspects that he hopes to keep even after it’s safe to gather in large groups again.

“We heard from people who were recovering from illnesses or were bedridden and they really appreciated being able to enjoy the concert from a bed,” he said. “The other thing we want to incorporate is an interactive aspect where people can browse the internet while enjoying the concert and get information about composers or pieces in real time. Or they can send me an email with questions as they’re listening to the music.”

Although a virtual format isn’t what the symphony had been hoping for, Dokken said they’re making the best of the situation by keeping their music accessible to patrons. But it also means they can pay their musicians.

“It’s not talked about a lot but this is how our musicians make their living,” he said. “So we’re glad that we’re still able to provide them with paid performances.”

“Piano Masterworks with Alex Wasserman” will be lived streamed on the symphony’s web site, https://romesymphony.org/ on Jan. 30 at 7 p.m. and will be available for viewing through Feb. 6. All ticket purchasers will receive the live stream password via email on Jan. 29. Tickets are available at www.romesymphony.org.

For questions and additional information, call 706-291-7967 or email office@romesymphony.org.

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