adam hayes

Adam Hayes

A Berry College professor has announced the international release of a recording project showcasing America’s Appalachian region.

Associate Professor of Music Adam Hayes’ multi-media project “Appalachian Shadows” features original compositions set against a backdrop of photos capturing the spirit of the Appalachian region.

Hayes’ goal for the project was to highlight the natural beauty of Appalachia against the historic social and economic struggles of its people.

“The project contains all original music, including a commission by composer Robert Bradshaw, set to period photos capturing a bit of the ethos of Appalachia,” Hayes said.

Hayes, on trumpet, is joined by Berry artist affiliates Sean Thrower on guitar and Steven Wooddell on piano. The piece was made in part through a Berry faculty scholarship grant.

A YouTube video of the work can be viewed by searching “Appalachian Shadows.”

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