The Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia is running its first ever annual fund campaign named Support Survivors.

This campaign aims to support the vital resources the Center provides to victims of sexual assault including crisis intervention, victim advocacy, forensic medical services, counseling, and prevention education.

Thanks to the center’s dedicated staff, survivors and their families know that there are advocates and professionals available 24 hours of the day who are ready to respond with support, compassion, and care.

In a new campaign to raise awareness and donations, the center is taking to social media with pleas for awareness and support from well-known Rome residents. Many of those are connected to the center as part of its board of directors, but there are also testimonials from well-known participants in the Rome Celebrity Dance Challenge.

For more information or to donate, visit online at

Here are a few of those testimonials:

“As a former police detective, I am aware of how important the impact of victim service agencies are within our community because I relied heavily on them during my investigations. I support the SACNWGA, it’s team of service providers, and the services that are provided by them because they are required in order to conduct thorough, and proper, investigations. Period.”

Joe Costolnick, SACNWGA Board Member Since 2014, Executive Director of Harbor House — The Northwest Georgia Child Advocacy Center

“We support survivors because they are children, adults, seniors, male, female, and transgender. They come from all walks of life and every ethnicity. Survivors need to be heard, cared for, and believed. We contribute because we support victim advocacy, including qualified professionals providing forensic exams and ongoing survivor support. We contribute because we believe that community education leads to prevention.”

Dr. Dan Pate, West Rome Animal Clinic, Member of the Board of Directors Since 2011

Jill Pate, Current Secretary of the SACNWGA Board, Member of the Board of Directors Since 2016

“As a former DFACs worker and current Floyd County Juvenile Court panel member, I have seen firsthand the incredible harm that comes from sexual assault. A victim of sexual assault should never have to experience blame or shame, but oftentimes the negative stigma makes it difficult for an individual to come forward. By providing medical services, counseling, education and awareness, the Sexual Assault Center of NWGA offers a safe place for survivors to come for help. We treat them with compassion and respect, we advocate for them, and we help them navigate the available resources, providing a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark time. This glimmer of hope is often the first step in recovery. Please join me in Supporting Survivors and helping them find their voice.”

Diane Warner, President of the SACNWGA Board of Directors, Member of the SACNWGA Board Since 2016

“I support the Sexual Assault Center because not all assaulted have a voice. The Sexual Assault Center is the voice for the voiceless and those that need assistance during a very critical time their life. They not only provide support to the victim but also to the victim’s family. These services are vital to foster relationships to stop sexual assaults in the future.”

Scotty Hancock, Director of Outreach, Redmond Regional Medical Center, RCDC Celebrity Contestant 2016

“Working with the Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia has been my life, work, and passion since 2011. I whole-heartedly support survivors because every story matters. Every life matters. Every voice matters. Navigating sexual assault and the choices that victims face afterward can often be overwhelming, confusing, and difficult. Trauma affects everyone in profound ways but knowing that there is somewhere to turn for support and help is crucial. More importantly, it is vital to know that the people who provide these advocacy services are compassionate, empathetic, and supportive no matter what. We are those people. We are listening ears providing support. We believe survivors and are honored to stand behind them. We care with every part of our being to help survivors and their families through difficult seasons. We need our community’s support as we support others.”

Kimberly King, Executive Director Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia

“Sexual Assault is a very serious issue in our community. It may not get as much attention as it should — which is part of the problem. I know that the folks at the Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia work extremely hard to provide vital services to local and area victims, but a big part of their job is also raising awareness and educating the community about this issue. They need our help. Unfortunately this is a topic that isn’t comfortable for many people to discuss. But victims of sexual assault are our neighbors, our friends, our coworkers and our family members. Join me in supporting the Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia. Support them with your donations, with your voice and with your actions.”

Severo Avila, Rome News-Tribune columnist,

Rome Celebrity Dance Challenge Contestant, 2018

“Kimberly King and the staff at the SACNWGA play such a vital role in our community. I support the Sexual Assault Center simply because they are a support and advocate for survivors. They work tirelessly to help both victims and their families. The SACNWGA serves as a safe haven for so many people in our community who have been the victim of sexual assault. The work that they do can not be praised enough and it is an honor to be associated with such a terrific organization.”

Dicie Waters, Dance Instructor at The Dance Centre, Inc., Rome Celebrity Dance Challenge Instructor, 2019

“I support survivors because each life is beloved. I support survivors because each person doesn’t get the same breaks or head start. I support survivors because their story needs to be fully heard, sincerely believed, and unquestionably supported.”

John Uldrick, Board Member of the Sexual Assault Center of NWGA since 2011, First Baptist Church of Rome Minister of Students and Missions

“Although combatting sexual assault and providing support to victims is a critically important need in our community, it is easy to think it is a task outside of our hands. Addressing this issue, however, is something we all must do together. We are lucky to live in a community with an organization like the Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia that provides much needed resources and expert services to those who need it most. I support SACNWGA because I stand with the victims and recognize the most effective way I can protect them is by investing in organizations dedicated to serving their best interests.

Amos Tuck, SACNWGA Board Member Since 2017

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