Sarah Fisher spent much of the Christmas season painting.

She painted cute and colorful images of local pets. And owners paid well to have a portrait of their animals that they could display with pride or to give as gifts.

But Sarah wasn’t using her artistic talents just to make money, the 17-year-old Rome High student was making money to help animals in need.

She was creating those paintings so she could donate the money to Floyd County PAWS, to help the dozens and dozens of animals housed there waiting for a forever home.

She said her first dog painting was of a beloved family pet that had passed away and she created it as a gift to her dad.

“Everyone seemed to like it,” she said. “So that gave me the idea that I could do it for others as well.”

So her mom posted to social media that Sarah would be painting pet portraits in two sizes — $50 for a small one and $100 for a large one. The orders started pouring in and Sarah got to work.

The larger portraits took 2-3 days to complete. Some portraits were of cats but most were of dogs. Sarah said one of the most fun ones to paint was of a one-eyed dog.

In all, she raised over $1,000 for Floyd County PAWS.

“I just thought it would be nice to do,” she said. “I enjoy painting and I think it’s something people appreciate. Their pets are part of the family. I thought these would make good Christmas presents.”

Sarah said she wants to continue doing pet portraits in the future.

“It’s really awesome to see that something I can do can help out the community in this way,” she said. “I plan to keep painting and raising funds for PAWS. It’s been fun.”

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