A Rome artists is using her talent and her voice to call for change.

Xaivier Ringer is the artist behind colorful and powerful posters that are on public display on Maple Street. The posters represent three African Americans who have become the faces of a movement calling for change and for justice.

Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd are featured in three posters Ringer illustrated digitally. She then printed those images and secured them to a wall at 1900 Maple Street on the side of the building which faces East 19th Street, the future home of Exit 290 Urban clothing store and Southeast Studios.

The posters read “We are Deserving” and “Deserving of Justice.”

Ringer said her intention behind the art is to protest the loss of the lives of those three individuals as well as the system that permits black lives to be less valued.

“I feel they were killed in an inhumane way,” she said. “The individuals deserve to be seen has human, deserving of love, light, life, respect and justice. In putting up the posters with vibrant colors and the red messaging across, I aim to bring attention to their stories and injustices. Many people and media outlets attempt to criminalize the individuals as if their “faults” or criminal history or those connected to them warrant the end of their life. I know they are deserving with and without any past discretions. They are deserving as black people. They are deserving as humans.”

Additionally, Ringer said her art is intended to affirm black Rome residents and hopes allies of the black community continue to speak up and to seek justice.

“My voice often comes out more organically through my art so I am happy I could extend it to the Black Lives Matter movement and use my perspective to say our existence merits justice, joy and honor,” Ringer said. “I am most interested in the black community seeing themselves as whole beings worthy of equality, equity and the deconstruction of systemic racism. It’s taken me a long time to speak up as a citizen of Rome and I am emboldened by the energy felt across the United States and the globe. I want to do my part as well.”

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