Local visual artist-turned-writer, Lee Field, recently self published three new novels and hopes to soon see his work on the shelves of a major national bookseller.

“My books are self published on Barnes & Noble and available in print and e-book,” Field said. “My goal is to sell at least 500 of one particular title, that way I will be eligible for placement within Barnes & Noble stores and receive a book opening event.”

The first book is “A Civil War,” the story of two young friends, one black and one white, who are torn apart and pitted against one another during the tumultuous American Civil War.

Together they must learn to overcome their differences in order to survive and save their town from total destruction.

Another title, “A Promise for Eternity,” is a tale that includes the apparent suicide of a retired Joint Chiefs of Staff general, a seasoned Washington, D.C., detective, and an investigation that uncovers a larger, more destructive plot than originally thought.

The third book, “Dropping the Peppermint,” follows someone as they uncover a secret underground faction of Nazis known as the “Werewolves,” from beneath layers of lies and disinformation following the end of World War II.

Field said he didn’t start taking writing seriously until the death of his father.

“He was a great reader and loved books and on occasion would tell a tall tale,” Field said. “I guess I always had the urge to put my words down but never gave it much thought until after dad’s death.”

As for his current projects, Field is in the process of reworking some past writings.

“I am currently re-writing a novel I had previously published on Amazon titled ‘Forever Rome.,’ Field said. “It is a science fiction epic based around the idea that the ancient Roman empire never fell.”

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