Hometown Headlines - Retired Educators

Hillary Thomas (left), AARP representative, and FRREA President Kathy Donahue pose following the retired educator group’s February meeting.

As the February meeting of the Floyd-Rome Retired Educators Association, Hillary Thomas, AARP Representative, spoke to the members about Internet scams.

She told the members whether live or automated, scam callers often pose as representatives of government agencies or familiar tech, travel, retail or financial companies, supposedly calling with important information.

It might be good news. You’re eligible for a big cash prize. You’ve been preselected for this great vacation deal. It might be bad. You own back taxes. There’s a problem with your credit card account. Your computer is infected with that virus you’ve been hearing about.

Whatever the issue, it can be resolved if you’ll just, say, provide your Social Security number or make an immediate payment. These companies will not call you unless you have contacted them. When someone asks for money, hang up the hone and dial the company direct (not a number they have furnished you with).

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