Floyd County 4-H

Floyd County 4-H students brought home 33 ribbons from the Northwest District Cloverleaf Project Achievement competition. Pictured (from left) are: 1st row: Rudransh Patel, Eva Singh, Hailee Palmer, Kaitlyn Cole and 2nd row: Avi Singh, Hadassah Barone, Cylen Ford, Ashlyn Farmer, Kylan Ferrell, Emma Selman, Sadie Bingham, Hannah Hunsaker.

The Northwest District Cloverleaf Project Achievement competition was held virtually this year, due to the pandemic, but Floyd County 4-H students weren’t fazed.

Out of 212 participants from 15 counties, Floyd County had 14 first place winners, seven second place winners, six third place winners and six honorable mentions.

Each student selected a subject and recorded a four- to six-minute presentation along with visual aids for judging.

While the contest itself was very different, the benefits were much the same, according to Floyd County 4-H Agent Abbie Salmon.

“It is so important to give kids the opportunity to compete, put together projects, and practice public speaking skills,” she said. “We were so happy to be able to offer this when so many things have been cancelled due to COVID.”

Local participants were:

Hannah Rush, 1st Place Agricultural Awareness; Callie Dempsey, 1st Place Arts; Ashlyn Farmer, 2nd Place Beef; Hannah Hunsaker,1st Place Communications; Newman Attaway, 2nd Place Computer Information Technology; Sadie Bingham, Honorable Mention Dog Care & Training; Kaitlyn Cole, 3rd Place Dog Care & Training; Ben Berry, 3rd Place Engineering & Mechanics;Keelan Buffington, Honorable Mention Engineering & Mechanics; Davis Donahue, 1st Place Engineering & Mechanics; Wyatt Wilson, 1st Place General Recreation; Tyler Hall, 2nd Place General Science; Rudransh Patel, 1st Place General Science; Avi Singh, 1st Place General Science; Owen Hard, 1st Place Health; Eva Singh, 2nd Place Health; Kylan Ferrell, 1st Place Herpetology; Jenna Taylor, 3rd Place Herpetology; Hadassah Barone, Honorable Mention Historic Places & Events; Sarah Beth Bushnell, 2nd Place Historic Places & Events; Cylen Ford, 1st Place Historic People; Kailyn Therber, 3rd Place Historic People; Alyssa Alford, 3rd Place Marine & Coastal Ecology; Alahna Serapion, 2nd Place Marine & Coastal Ecology; Hailee Palmer, 1st Place Performing Arts Vocal; Aubrey Wheat, 1st Place Photography & Videography; Natalie Dunay, 1st Place Plants, Soils & Fertilizers; Luca Angi-Stina, 2nd Place Poultry; Emma Selman, 1st Place Sheep & Meat Goats; Sam Durbin, Honorable Mention Wildlife; Jasmine McDuffie, Honorable Mention Wildlife; Blane Winters, 3rd Place Wildlife; Keira Jackson, Honorable Mention Workforce Preparation & Career Development.

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