The Georgia Neurosurgical Society elected Dr. John Cowan, a neurosurgeon for Harbin Clinic, as the president of its next board of directors.

“Dr. Cowan has been a strong member of our board for quite some time,” said GNS Executive Director Tara Morrison. “He has shown exceptional dedication to the mission of GNS and we are eager to have him lead our initiatives, particularly membership and the medical educational conferences.”

Cowan was elected to the organization’s leadership position at the September board meeting. As he looks to the future, key areas of focus will be ensuring access to neurological care and adequate trauma coverage throughout the state of Georgia.

“I look forward to representing at the state and national level,” Cowan said. “Neurosurgeons provide vital services for traumatic and degenerative diseases. It is my hope that GNS is able to effectively educate the public on the role of neurosurgeons, work with hospital systems across the state to improve neurosurgical care, and ultimately improve outcomes for patients.”

The purpose and mission of the Georgia Neurosurgical Society is to support patients and members in advancing patient care through the encouragement of education and research.

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