Aaron Bartleson

Aaron Bartleson

Rome High School celebrated two Wolves who have excelled in the classroom during their Student Teacher Achievement Recognition event.

A Feb. 18 ceremony honored 2020 RHS STAR Student Aaron Bartleson and his STAR teacher Kelly Goldin. Aaron was also named valedictorian for the 2020 school year with a grade point average of 102.

STAR Student nominees must have the highest score on a single test day on the three-part SAT and be in the top 10% of their graduating class. The STAR student then names the teacher who has been most instrumental in their educational efforts.

Aaron was joined by his parents, Jonathan and Tina Bartleson. In his address, he used Harry Potter references to describe why he chose Goldin, who he learned is also a huge fan of the popular novels.

“Mrs. Goldin has taught me as much about myself as she has taught me about chemistry,” Aaron said.

He pointed out her intelligence, “her ability to incorporate potions into her lessons,” and her enthusiasm when educating the children she serves.

“I am so honored that Aaron has picked me,” Goldin said, “If you know him, you also know that he is one of the top-five smartest people you have ever met, if not the smartest person you have ever met.”

Goldin said that Aaron not only has a high level of intellect, but he also has a strong passion for learning.

“And what is even more special is that his level of compassion and his respect for others matches his intellect,” she said.

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