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A column addressing your most sought after health questions, answered by Harbin Clinic's expert healthcare professionals.

Ask a Doc: I’ve struggled with my weight for quite some time, and quarantine didn’t help. Is bariatric surgery an option to help me get healthy?

ask a doc Peter Adams

A weekly column addressing your most sought-after health questions, answered by Harbin Clinic’s expert healthcare professionals

Question: I’ve struggled with my weight for quite some time, and quarantine didn’t help. Is bariatric surgery an option to help me get healthy?

Dr. Peter Adams: Adjusting to a quarantine lifestyle may have introduced setbacks and challenges to your weight loss journey, and bariatric surgery is well established as a safe and very effective tool to lose weight and build a foundation for a healthier life. Bariatric surgery, however, is not for everyone. To determine if bariatric surgery is the right solution for you, it’s important to evaluate the severity of your obesity and your other chronic health conditions that make losing weight increasingly difficult. The general criteria for bariatric surgery are the following:

♦ A body mass index of 40 or higher, defined as severe or morbidly obese

♦ A body mass index of at least 35, with at least one serious obesity-related health condition, such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea or heart disease.

♦ Previous unsuccessful attempts at controlling your weight with diet and exercise programs

♦ No drug or alcohol addictions

Bariatric surgery is offered through a few different minimally invasive procedures. These surgeries all aim to modify the gastrointestinal tract and change metabolic hormones, aiding significant weight loss. By operating through small incisions in the abdominal wall, patients sustain less pain and scarring and experience fewer complications. Harbin Clinic Bariatric Surgery performs the following procedures:

♦ Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass

♦ Sleeve Gastrectomy

♦ Laparoscopic Gastric Band

Patients who thrive after bariatric surgery understand that surgery isn’t a quick fix, and they are fully committed to building healthy habits for life. After surgery, our patients’ odds of success increase when they are dedicated to a comprehensive treatment plan that includes guidance from a dietician, long term care from their physician and having a support group.

If you believe your circumstances make you a candidate for bariatric surgery, we encourage you to schedule to attend an educational seminar at Harbin Clinic Bariatric Surgery. We are here to provide you healthy solutions for improved quality and longevity of life.

Dr. Peter Adams is a board-certified surgeon at Harbin Clinic Bariatric Surgery Rome and Harbin Clinic General Surgery Rome. For more information visit


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