Xfinity store open in East bend

An interior view of the new Rome Xfinity store in the East Bend shopping center.

The Xfinity store, now open in the new East Bend shopping center, is designed to enhance the overall customer experience strategy for Comcast

The new store which replaces the old service center on East First Street downtown. That facility was the old model location where you come in to pay a bill or swap out a box and leave.

“That’s changed,” said Alex Horwitz, director of public relations for Comcast in the Atlanta region.

“We want to improve every interaction, every touch point with customers,” said Coleman Oglesbee, Comcast vice president for customer experience. “The stores are a huge part of that.”

The new store allows customer to interact with the full line of products.

“Whether that’s a mobile phone that you’re interested in purchasing or it’s trying to get a sense for how a voice remote works,” Oglesbee said.

Oglesbee said that one of the first things that a lot of customers examine in the new store setting involves mobile technology.

“There continues to be a lot of excitement about the new smartphones that are being released,” Oglesbee said.

He said the store is staffed with agents who are able to walk folks through the technology to make them feel more comfortable with it.

“With all the options that are out there, customers still want simplicity,” Oglesbee said. “The voice remote is a great example of that.”

The new store is significantly larger than the former downtown service center, just over 2,700 square feet. Six full-time sales reps will be on site in addition to management personnel.

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