I was reminded this week of a famous speech delivered by Vice President Spiro Agnew in September of 1970 in which he referred to Sunday morning news magazine commentators as "nattering nabobs of negativism" who have formed their own "4-H Club - the hopeless, hysterical, hypochondriacs of history."

Fast forward 49 years and I think you'll find the next generation of those nattering nabobs on today's social media.

Examine threads on social media and even stories such as one a week ago about five people graduating from Drug Court on track to get their lives together. Accompanying that story was a slew of undeserved sniping comments from people who, for whatever reason, felt compelled to feast on the troubles that people have attempted to put in their rear view mirrors.

On another story I wrote about the new Sleep Inn/MainStay Suites being planned for a parcel in front of the the RiverPoint Apartments. Comments were unmercifully negative.

I completely understand and support everyone's right to have an opinion but some of that was ridiculous. One person even suggested that the developer of the hotel was the same gentleman who was planning to develop a service station/liquor store/fast food business behind Lumina Coffee Shop. I suspect that person did not have even the foggiest of a clue as to who the developers were -- except for that fact that they were Indian and shared the same last name. Why would someone even suggest they it was the same person? Would they have done that if the person's last name was Smith or Johnson.

I don't even want to talk about the ill-informed and frankly incorrect commentary on the Rome Tennis Center.

Christmas is just three days away. It's a time when so much of the world -- even non-Christians -- observe the birth of the Christ-child. It's supposed to be a time of joy.

Problem is, joy and good feelings are not in vogue.

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