West Express has done well in its new location in front of Mount Berry Mall since moving from North Broad Street late this summer.

West Express had been a fixture on North Broad Street for 17 years before moving to 2739 Martha Berry Highway this summer, one of the out-parcels in from of Mount Berry Mall. Leighann Cobb, who owns the store along with William Terry, says that the business has grown tremendously since the move.

“We have people coming in out here who never knew we were on North Broad,” Cobb said.

Cobb’s parents started the business in 2002. Early this year, her father came to her and said that he was going to turn the business over to her or close it.

“I told him he couldn’t close it, so I guess it’s mine,” Cobb said.

She said that she and Terry came across the building in front of the mall and thought it would suit their purposes. It would be large enough to display everything under one roof and have enough room to make the business a little more attractive so they made the move and it has paid significant dividends for the couple.

“We way exceeded our expectations,” she said. “Its blown me out of the water.”

When her parents owned the store, Cobb worked there part-time in addition to her job at the Department of Public Health. Now she’s full time in the retail business.

“I don’t have any time to work anywhere else,” Cobb said.

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