The Bartow County Fire Marshal has shut down the Magnuson Countryside Inn, 100 Georgia North Cir. in Adairsville for multiple violation of the Life Safety code.

The hotel is a 50-room property behind the Burger King on a hill about a quarter mile west of I-75.

A lengthy report filed September 3 states that the hotel cannot operate until a long list of violations are corrected.

Violation include doors that are not rated to a one-hour minimum for fire protection, a majority of the rooms that were inspected did not have a working smoke alarm, additionally the alarm system as a whole was out of service at the time of the inspection.

None of the doors in the hotel are self closing or self latching including doors that are required fire doors. There were no emergency plans posted in any of the guest rooms and no evidence of plans, policies or training for emergencies at the property.

The report lists additional violations for an upstairs apartment that was not a part of the original design and a rodent infestation.

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