Community Foundation grant to Restoration Rome

Special Community Foundation for Greater Rome made a community Impact grant of $50,000 to Restoration Rome in 2016. Joel Snider, from left, Ashley Garner, who will return to her former role as Executive Director in October, were joined by Mary Margaret Mauer and Jeff Mauer.

Ashley (Ellington) Garner will return to her former post as the executive director of the Community Foundation for Greater Rome. Garner served as the foundation's original chief executive for several years until leaving the position in May of 2018.

“We’re glad Ashley has been able to return to a position where she had done a great job before, and has such passion,” said Ed Watters, chairman of the foundation board of directors in a press release.

Joel Snider, the retired pastor of Rome First Baptist Church who has served as executive director since last May, will return to the Board of Directors and continue as a coordinator for special projects.

“I could not be happier with Ashley’s decision to continue her mission here,” said Snider. “Personally, I look forward to easing back toward the schedule I had in retirement.”

Snider will continue to coordinate special projects such as the “Blooms on Broad” initiative started this year.

Garner will assume her duties on Oct. 1.

“I am delighted to return to working with the donors and committed volunteers who have established our Community Foundation,” Garner said. “We continue working each day to demonstrate the positive impact our foundation has for our donors, local non-profits, and the local community.”

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