Ande Frazier began her career in the financial industry in Rome in 1993, working with her father, Lamar Barden, at Peachtree Planning of Rome as a financial strategist specializing in personal finance and wealth building. Frazier’s career would lead her to New York in 1998, where she would become a prominent speaker and leader in the financial services industry, coaching and developing thousands of financial professionals.

After serving in a number of leadership roles in finance, including running a multimillion dollar company, Frazier sought to make a profound difference in bridging the confidence gap between women and their money. “A watershed moment is upon us,” Frazier said, “and it is likely that history will remember this as the time when women found their voices and realized just how powerful they really are. As CEO at myWorth, I can partner with women to harness their power so that the dreaded words ‘financial planning’ actually make them feel strong, secure and proud.”

With her extensive experience coupled with futuristic thinking, Frazier finds innovation opportunities in unexpected places. As CEO of myWorth, a content media company, Frazier is at the forefront of changing the way the financial services industry connects to women and their money.

Frazier has been named one of Bristol’s Who’s Who among Distinguished Professionals and Executives. She is the author of a book on the emotional aspects of money to be released by Forbes Books later in 2019.

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