Practicing medicine overseas with limited resources is no easy feat. It’s also something Dr. Ricardo Postigo has experienced firsthand.

While working as a physician in Peru, Dr. Postigo didn’t always have the latest technologies and medications at his disposal. So, when he came to the United States for further medical training and specialization, he gained a unique perspective and deep appreciation for practicing medicine in America.

“With limited means, I navigated the health of my patients, and oftentimes thought out-of-the-box when it came to treatments to improve their health,” he says. “But coming to the United States has given me the opportunity to use every remedy, antibiotic and the latest equipment we have to help people. I’m very thankful for that.”

Dr. Postigo joins Harbin Clinic Infectious Disease and Travel Medicine Rome, where he will treat patients who have contracted an illness from overseas and also help prevent people from getting sick on their travels. Dr. Postigo also follows-up with patients who have previously been hospitalized after contracting a serious infection. He also works with HIV and Hepatitis patients.

“I am excited to welcome Dr. Postigo and family to our Rome office,” says Dr. John Hostetler. “Not only is he bilingual, Dr. Postigo is a seasoned professional in treating infectious diseases and he will greatly expand our abilities to treat HIV and Hepatitis C patients.”

When the opportunity to work for Harbin arose, Dr. Postigo felt that Harbin was the perfect healthcare organization for him, as the company’s ideals were aligned with his own.

“I have been impressed with Harbin Clinic,” he says. “Everyone I’ve met here is compassionate and seeks to provide the absolute best healthcare experience for patients, just as I do as a provider.”

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