Vista Metals, an Adairsville-based aluminum manufacturer who provides the metal for the aircraft industry, has filed notice with the state that it is laying off 120 employees from the Adairsville plant.

The company has been in a solid growth and expansion mode since opening in Adairsville.

“Any job losses are a tough blow right now,” said Melinda Lemmon, executive director of the Cartersville-Bartow County Economic Development office. She said it was her understanding that the layoffs were of a permanent nature.

The airline industry has been hit hard by economic ramifications of the COVID-19 health emergency.

Vista first opened in Adairsville a decade ago and has made several expansions since opening its doors. In addition to the airline industry, Vista products also serve the automotive industry and others.

Bartow County sole Commissioner Steve Taylor said the news was certainly disappointing and that he felt badly for both the company and the employees who lost their jobs.

Lemmon said that to Vista’s credit that as they have grown over the last ten years, that they have under-promised and over-delivered when it comes to the number of employees it would be adding to the facility along I-75.

“This is the first bit of bad news,” Lemmon said. “I really appreciate the conservative nature they have indicated growth over the years. By all indicators they’ve been really successful here.”

Since Vista is a family-owned company, Lemmon felt it’s probably harder for the company to deliver the news to the impacted employees than it was for the community to hear to hear about it.

“We’ve still got a lot of prospects and growth coming to Bartow County,” Taylor said. “Just this week I’ve met with another prospect that is pretty promising for this area.”

Taylor said he expects that as the COVID-19 situation continues hurt other local businesses may still be impacted.

Trinity Industries, a Cartersville company that makes railroad cars, also filed a WARN notice with the Georgia Department of Labor on earlier this week revealing that it would lay off 138 employees.

“I hope we’re well prepared for it,” Taylor said. “Going into this through all of the Northwest Georgia the unemployment rate was really low. I hope this will enable some of those others folks that have not been as affected to fill some of their slots. We’re in unprecedented times right now.”

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