Rome’s unemployment rate held steady in October at 3.3%. The local workforce was up in October and the number of people who were actually getting a paycheck was up according to the latest report from the Georgia Department of Labor.

According to the preliminary report, 43,218 Floyd County residents were getting a paycheck in October. That was up 308 from September and up by 854 residents over the same month last year.

“We increased jobs, employment and added to our labor force in virtually all of our major markets,” said Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler.

While the number of people working was up, the number of Rome and Floyd County residents in the workforce — defined as the number who were working plus those who were listed as unemployed — also went up to 44,685 in October, an increase of 312 from September and up 472 over October of 2018.

The data from Atlanta also indicates that Floyd County-based payrolls — businesses with a Floyd County address — reported some 42,800 people were working in October. That was up 300 from September and an increase of 1,000 jobs from October of the previous year.

The mere fact that those jobs are in Rome or Floyd County does not mean that all of the people receiving a paycheck from the local companies actually live in Rome or Floyd County.

While the Rome jobless rate held steady from September to October, the national rate was up 0.1% to 3.6%. The Georgia rate was down 0.1%, to 3.4 in October.

The jobless rate across the entire 15-county Northwest Georgia region was up 0.1% to 3.1% in October. Bartow County and Walker County each checked in at 2.9%, Gordon and Polk counties were at 3.1%, Chattooga County registered a 3.7% rate and Whitfield County came in at 4.2%.

Nationally, the unemployment rate climbed in October to 3.6 percent, an increase of 0.1 percentage points. The nation also grew its labor force by 325,000, increased employment by 241,000 and added more than 125,000 jobs.

Georgia’s unemployment rate, meanwhile, fell in October by 0.1 percentage points to 3.4%. That tied Georgia’s all-time low set in December of 2000.

State labor officials also reported that the number of first-time claims for unemployment assistance filed by Floyd County residents — people who have not made a previous claim within the last 12 months — dropped 36% from September and was down 52% as compared to a year ago.

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