Small Business Snapshot: Watchdog Home Solution Inc.

Dustin Taylor, owner and operator of Watchdog Home Solutions Inc. (Lindy Cordell Photography)

Dustin Taylor, owner and operator of Watchdog Home Solutions, answers the questions for today’s Small Business Snapshot.

2. What is the primary purpose of your business? Watchdog Home Solutions Inc. helps clients prioritize and perform home improvement projects with comprehensive inspection services and budget-conscious recommendations tailored to your needs. In addition to holistic home assessments, Watchdog offers wildlife removal/prevention, insulation install, gutter improvements, carpentry, custom projects and more. "Find what you need. Get what you want."

3. What is the business background of the owners?  Dustin Taylor is a Nachi certified professional inspector, licensed nuisance wildlife controller and a licensed non-financial advisor with a B.S. in social science from Berry College. He has spent the past seven years performing home repairs and correcting catastrophic wildlife infestations as a private nuisance wildlife controller for Georgia residents. Dustin has strong community ties and seeks out opportunities for consumer advocacy whenever possible. With extensive experience in corrective repairs and singular attention to detail, Dustin provides thorough, verifiable services with long-term renewable warranties to all his clients.

4. Why did you start (or purchase) this particular business? Watchdog Home Solutions Inc. was started to protect vulnerable homeowners from negligent craftsmanship and predatory practices that can encumber home transitions. Many statewide codes are not enforced uniformly from county-to-county, and this leeway can lead even well-meaning contractors to skip worthwhile improvements that would protect health and home equity. We work with local realtors, contractors and tradesmen to ensure that sensitive transactions over which we preside are administered in good faith, with maximum transparency to protect homeowners and their families.

5. What makes your business unique?  We take the long-view when recommending improvements at your property with holistic inspections designed to limit unnecessary expenses and provide clients the best return on their investments. A competent carpenter might overlook the underlying cause of recurring rot because he fails to anticipate the benefits that additional water diversion could have on his work long-term. a well-meaning roofer might inadvertently contribute to ongoing wildlife intrusion because he fails to adhere to unenforced guidelines. We sniff out these oversights and offer solutions before they contribute to catastrophic system failures.

6. What do you enjoy most about your chosen profession?   Experiencing the cascade of benefits that attentive, quality repairs can have on a house is a real treat. When it comes to homes, one system failure can cause another in an endless number of ways. Deducing and correcting these problems preemptively is continually rewarding. It is my great pleasure to combine my education with my skills to benefit my community with careful, earnest work.

7. What has been the biggest or most interesting challenge to overcome as a small business owner? I've been amazed at the misconceptions that permeate even the most functional parts of routine home transitions. State code enforcement can be woefully fluid depending on county permit requirements and it is sometimes difficult to give craftsmen the benefit of a doubt when you see the detrimental impacts of cut corners. With a body of work behind me, I recognize that some of the worst mistakes in home improvement were made with good intentions rather than outright negligence, and I have learned to be even-handed when assessing properties by deducing the intent of dysfunctional work and anticipating the long-term impacts.

8. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? Watchdog Home Solutions Inc. is licensed and insured and we are eager to grow our client base in the greater Rome area. Call 706-331-9016 for inspections or find us online at and Facebook to share your experiences with Watchdog services. If you are overwhelmed by the appraisals and inspections call us any time to schedule a consult for improvements or inspection for your home transition. We look forward to earning your business.

Business name: Watchdog Home Solution Inc.

Owner: Dustin Taylor, Certified Professional Inspector

Business Age: 7 months

Business location: Rome

Telephone and fax numbers: 706-331-9016

Number of employees: One

Hours (if open to the public): 24/7

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