Jennifer K. McKay, attorney and owner of The Law Office of Jennifer K. McKay, answers the questions for today’s Small Business Snapshot.

What is the primary purpose of your business? We help people get out of debt by filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

What is your business background? I have over 10 years of experience as a bankruptcy attorney. I was first a member of Fuller & McKay, which was founded by Kenneth Fuller and Jim McKay, my father. Ken and my father taught me a great deal about both the practice of bankruptcy law and the importance of compassionate customer service. Fuller & McKay eventually became Fuller, McKay & Salter, which then became Salter & Salter. I left the Salter firm in July 2017 in order to start my current business. As for my educational background, I graduated from Pepperell High School, received a B.A. degree in German from Smith College, and received my J.D. degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law, where I graduated with honors.

Why did you start this particular business? As much as I enjoyed my time at other bankruptcy firms, I decided that the time had come for me to branch out on my own. I love bankruptcy law, and I’m excited by the opportunity to implement my ideas about how to best serve the community.

What makes your business unique? Our company motto is “Compassion. Service. Results.” My top priority is to not only provide skilled legal representation for people who are struggling to get out of the cycle of debt, but to do so with the utmost compassion and respect. I believe in being kind, caring and friendly to every person who comes in the door and treating them with the dignity that they deserve. In addition, I take a “hands on” approach to my clients. I believe in meeting with clients face-to-face, rather than having them meet with a staff member. I want to be involved in every step of the process, from the first meeting until the case is finished.

What do you enjoy most about your chosen profession? I truly enjoy my job. It allows me to interact with fellow members of the community and help them get out of tough circumstances, such as foreclosure, repossession or garnishment. I am making a positive difference in people’s lives, which I find so rewarding. I grew up in Rome, and although I left for college and law school, I always knew that I wanted to come back home and contribute to the community that I love so much.

What has been the biggest or most interesting challenge to overcome as a small business owner? I’ve worked at bigger firms, which all have various staff members covering different aspects of the business, such as accounting, office manager, etc. As a solo practitioner with one employee (Mrs. Tammy Culp, who is my sweet, invaluable paralegal), I’m having to wear multiple hats at once. I’m really learning the “behind-the-scenes” aspects of running a business. It can be challenging, but it is also exciting to be able to implement my own ideas about how a business should be run.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? I would just like to let everyone know that, contrary to what some believe, most people who file for bankruptcy do so because of circumstances beyond their control, such as illness or job loss. I’ve heard some people say that filing for bankruptcy is wrong, but I disagree. Federal bankruptcy relief laws were put in place because Congress realizes that sometimes finances get out of control, despite a person’s best effort. When someone is drowning in debt and struggling even to make it from day to day, filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be the way to get life back on track. I offer a free, no-obligation consultation, so if anyone would like to discuss whether bankruptcy is the right option for them, please give me a call.



Business name: The Law Office of Jennifer K. McKay LLC

Owner name and official title: Jennifer K. McKay, Attorney at Law

Business Age: 10 months

How long have you owned it? August 2017

Business location: 519 Broad Street, Suite 105

Telephone and fax numbers: 706-637-3700; 706-200-1048

Number of employees: 2 (One attorney and one paralegal)

Hours: Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Friday 9 a.m.-noon

Email Address:

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