Small Business Snapshot: Elliot Electric Supply

Jamen Costner, from left, John Kirby, Mark Weeks and Daren Stegall with Elliott Electric Supply, a new business out on Technology Parkway. (Doug Walker, RN-T)

Jamen Costner, branch manager of Elliott Electric Supply, answers the questions for today’s Small Business Snapshot.

What is the primary purpose of your business? We offer you the lowest cost and real-time stock numbers on the industry’s best quality electrical supplies for residential, commercial and industrial construction and wiring. We specialize in custom cuts of building wire and electronic cable like Romex, Seal-Tite, Flex, MC cabling and other electrical cords. Get great deals on power distribution and control equipment, light fixtures, lamps, ballasts and affordable accessories like fittings, boxes, struts, trays, rods, clamps, conduit and more.

What is the business background of the owners? Bill Elliott, our company’s founder and current chairman, first entered the electrical distribution industry after graduating from Louisiana Tech University in 1960. He worked for Powerline Supply Co. in Bossier City, Louisiana for twelve years, during which time he became manager of the company. In 1971, Bill began looking for a place to start a company of his own, and it wasn’t long until he and his wife, Micky, discovered the town of Nacogdoches, Texas, which had no electrical supply house at the time. Elliott Electric Supply was established in 1972 in Nacogdoches, Texas and has grown to over 150 locations in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Georgia and Kansas.

Why did you start (or purchase) this particular business? To make our customers happy, make the market more competitive, grow relations with customers. Therefore, at Elliott Electric Supply, we are constantly enhancing our services and operations to create the most efficient, cost-effective and all-around best buying experience on the market. Take advantage of innovations that are unmatched in the industry.

What makes your business unique? Among the top-ranked electrical parts distributors in the nation, Elliott Electric Supply is a regional leader in the electrical supplies distribution industry, with over 150 stores throughout the southern states. Our unparalleled focus on providing every customer with the highest quality service for the lowest cost, and our history of doing so since 1972, makes Elliott Electric Supply your most dependable and all-around smartest option when it comes to choosing an electrical supplier.

What do you enjoy most about your chosen profession? The constant need to learn the market, customer needs and new products that come out. There is never a day where we don’t learn something new here.

What has been the biggest or most interesting challenge to overcome as a small business owner? Just simply trying to get the word out to all of Rome and its electrical contractors they we are open now and where we are located at.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? We would like to invite anyone and everyone to come out and check us out and see what we can offer you.


Business Age: 46 years

Owners: Bill Elliott

Location: 1461 Technology Parkway

Employees: Six

Telephone: 706-622-4953

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Sat. 8 a.m.-noon

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