What is the purpose of your organization/club?

The purpose of Mercy Care is to give “tangible expression to Christ's merciful love by providing compassionate, clinically excellent health care in the spirit of loving service to those in need, with special attention to the poor and vulnerable.” Mercy Care answers the need of older and vulnerable adults and their families through offering four different programs, Senior Employment, Grand Who Care, Caregiver Support and Adult Day Health.

How is your organization/club funded (financially supported)?

Mercy Care has varied funding avenues.

How (elected, founded, hired) did you obtain this position, and why did you pursue this position?

I was hired for this position and have remained a part of Mercy Care for 25 years. I have served in several different capacities. My undergraduate degree is in nursing followed by a Master degree in Gerontology. I have always been interested in end-of-life care and support. I have always felt that there was always much to learn from those who have lived a life and have entered the end stage whether it be due to illness or age.


What do you enjoy most acting as a part of this club/organization?

 I enjoy researching grant possibilities. I enjoy starting new programs and observing the joy in our clients faces as Mercy Care starts the new programs. I enjoy having the ability to help others and enjoy supporting and encouraging a population that, at times, is forgotten.

What is your club/organization’s biggest challenge?

Mercy Care's biggest challenge is educating the public about the programs and the many services Mercy Care can offer a family. Funding can also be a challenge at time.

If the organization uses volunteers:

a.        In what capacity?

b.        Is there training available?

Mercy Care does use community volunteers for our Adult Day Health program and our Golf Challenge. Mercy Care also has several Berry student volunteers that assist in many ways.

Is there something else you would like to say to our readers?

Mercy Care has a compassionate staff that strives to serve. Mercy Care's Adult Day Health program, serves 5 counties, provides transportation, meals, medical care and activities. Mercy Care has music, exercise, field trips, yoga, meditation and behavioral health including art therapy. The Grands Who Care program serves 3 counties and provides education, support and some resources. The Caregiver Support program meets monthly and is open to the public. It provides education, respite and a network of support. The Senior Employment program serves 13 counties, provides employment to people over the age of 55 and education to return to the workforce.

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