Claudia Hamilton, director of LivingProof Recovery, answers questions about the organization in this week’s Highlighting Helping Hands.

What is the purpose of your organization? To maintain the long-term recov-ery needs in our community through advocacy, training, peer support and spiritual guidance.

How is your organization funded? We are funded by local givers, mini grants, federally funded programs and some churches.

What do you enjoy most acting as a part of this organization? I do not act as the head and that is what I enjoy the most. I act like a person in recovery. I am not very much different that the peers I serve. The peers I serve work and then come here for support, I just work here and get support here.

I started this organization. I am a person in long term recovery. For me that means it has been nearly 10 years since I have found it necessary to use drugs or alcohol in any abusive manner. I want people to know that addiction is not a life sentence, recovery is. If no one speaks out about recovery, then no one knows it is possible and it remains a dirty secret. Addiction is in churches, in families, in doctor offices, in colleges, in middle schools, in high schools, in the homeless population, in workplaces, behind computers, in grocery aisles, on treadmills, it is everywhere. Recovery happens and it is beautiful to see a life turned around.

What is your organization’s biggest challenge? Our biggest challenge is getting our feet in some doors in Rome. We are trying to get some peers employment. Sure, I know that there are temp agencies, but that is not the hope I have for the people I serve. I have a hope for their future. I want to see them placed in organizations that have benefits for them and their children. Organizations that promote. Have we given up on giving second chances? Third chances? If we want to see change, as a business owner, it seems like a level of risk may be needed.

Does the organization use volunteers? We do use volunteers and I would say that LivingProof has amazing staff and volunteers. Our volunteers have been with us since inception, we have not had one leave us. They are always on time and excited to be here. They serve as gardeners, cleaners, tutors and peer supporters.

Is there something else you would like to say to our readers? LivingProof Recov-ery is a safe place. All are welcome to come and visit us. Our doors are open and no one is turned away. The suffering and torment that addiction causes can end.

The Facts

Director: Claudia Hamilton

Location: 408 Shorter Ave.

Established: 2016

Hours: M-F 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and evenings for support groups and wellness events.

Telephone: 706-204-8710

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