What is the purpose of your organization?

Gifts of Grace is a nonprofit retail store opening to benefit Grace Children’s Home in Haiti. Grace Children’s Home is an orphanage that currently houses, feeds, educates, and loves 17 little ones! The orphanage started about 3 years ago when we partnered with Robenson Pierre in Haiti. He and his wife, along with our Haitian staff, live on the premises full time.

How is your organization funded/financially supported?

Grace Children’s Home is supported by our sponsors and partners that donate financially. Now, Gifts of Grace will also be a large contributor to the orphanage. All profits from the store will go directly to the orphanage.

What do you enjoy most acting as a part of this organization?

I enjoy seeing all our kids grow and become strong, capable, young adults instead of falling into the negative tendencies of the Haitian culture. I love providing them a hope and a future and showing them the love of Christ.

What is your organization’s biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge is the financial struggle. Most everything in Haiti is more expensive than it is here in the US.

In what capacity do you use volunteers? Volunteers are encouraged to come on trips to Haiti with us, donate old clothes and toys, or make the leap to support financially.

Is there something else you would like to say to our readers?

We would love for you to make Gifts of Grace your number one place to purchase a unique gift! Our store will offer a range of items from jewelry, Haitian coffee, art, kitchen decor, baby items, and much more. We encourage you to shop for a cause and learn more about Grace Children’s Home!

The Facts

Name of nonprofit or club: Gifts of Grace

Director(s): Julie and Shelby McNeil, co-founders

Location: 224 Broad Street

Age of organization: Opened Saturday

Number of Volunteers: 2

Hours: Tues.-Thurs. 10-5 Fri.-Sat. 10-7

Phone: 678-209-8591

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