Ultimate Disc

XtractMor CEO Doug Mancosky sits on the sideline at a recent Atlanta Hustle Ultimate Disc game in Atlanta.

A high tech Rome business, XtractMor, has become a partner with one of Atlanta’s newest pro sports teams, the Atlanta Hustle of the American Ultimate Disc League.

XtractMor will use the partnership to promote its ShockWave Xtractor technology for brewery, winery and distillery applications.

Ultimate disc — think Frisbee — is generally played on a football field. The playing field is just 80 yards long but the end zones are 20 yards long, double the size of a football end zone.

Each team has seven players on the field at a time. Instead of a kickoff, you have what is called a “pull.”

A player flings the disc from his own end zone to the other team. The receiving team then advances the disc down field by throwing it between members of their own team. Players cannot advance the disc by running with it.

Once the disc is passed, a player has a seven count from the referee to pass the disc again, or it is called a stall and the disc is turned over to the other team at that point.

If a player drops a pass, that’s an automatic turnover.

Teams score a point when a player is able to catch the disc in the end zone.

“XtractMor’s partnership with the Hustle allows us to be part of an exciting professional sport that’s growing rapidly, growing in popularity,” said XtractMor CEO Doug Mancosky.

The partnership between XtractMor and the Atlanta Hustle is for the entire 2021 season, which runs through August.

The Hustle play in the Atlanta conference of the AUDL, which includes the DC Breeze, New York Empire, Raleigh Flyers, Philadelphia Phoenix, Boston Glory, Tampa Bay Cannons and Pittsburgh Thunderbirds.

“The games are really an exciting, family friendly atmosphere,” Mancosky said. “At halftime they invite kids down onto the field to throw discs.”

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