Pirelli Tire North America is in the Floyd County Industrial Park. The plant will reduce production by about a third next week, then shut down for a full week for a full cleaning of the plant

Pirelli North America has decided to reduce operations at its Rome plant for one week starting Sunday, March 22.

The decision to scale back operations is in response to a lower demand from the market but also to protect the health and safety of its employees, a release stated.

Following the week-long slowdown, Pirelli will actually shut down the Rome plant for a full week to clean and sanitize the entire facility.

Implementing a slower rate of production will result in a reduction in the number of employees inside the building at any given time.

Pirelli spokeswoman MariaStella Narciso said capacity would be reduced by approximately one-third during the week-long slow down.

The company did not specify how many employees would be impacted by the slowdown.

Pirelli is headquartered in Milan, Italy. In a Reuters report on March 9, the company indicated that it did not anticipate COVID-19 would have a major reduction on production activities at its headquarters in a region of Italy that has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

The European Rubber Journal reported the company was expecting a 30 million euro ($33 million U.S.) hit on first quarter sales in the Asia-Pacific region alone.

Associate Editor Doug Walker contributed to this story.

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