John Graham Homes in East Rome

John Graham homes in East Rome

Planning commission members recommended approval of the rezoning of John Graham Homes at their Thursday meeting.

The public housing development is managed by the Northwest Georgia Housing Authority. The rezoning is the first step in plans to demolish the structures later in the year and build new housing on the site.

The East Rome complex sits on parcels bounded by East Fourteenth Street, East Twelfth Street, Crane Street and Cedar Avenue in East Rome. The current zoning is split between urban mixed use and high density traditional residential.

NWGHA is requesting the lots to be rezoned to a multifamily residential designation, as part of the agency’s Choice Neighborhoods initiative. A $1.25 million grant in the area will be used to help create more affordable housing in the East Rome community.

After demolishing the development, the agency plans to overhaul the area and replace the 150 apartments with 104 new ones.

The planning commission also recommended approval of a rezoning request of a community-commercial lot on Lookout Circle in South Rome.

Applicant Ruth Terry spoke in favor of the rezoning for her client, who wishes to rezone the lot for low density traditional residential use. Terry said the rezoning of the parcel would better fit the neighborhood and the surrounding area.

Rome City commissioners will have public hearings and make decisions on the two rezoning applications at their June 22 meeting at 6 p.m.

Planning commission members also backed the rezoning of a lot on Kingston Highway.

The lot, which currently houses a convenience store, is zoned for residential development. Applicant Sudha Patel requests the lot be rezoned to community-commercial to correct the zoning mistake.

Arif Virani spoke in favor of the rezoning, saying he caught the zoning issue when he applied for an alcohol license for the property. He is reportedly in the process of buying the store.

That application will go before the Floyd County Commission for a public hearing and decision on June 23 at 6 p.m.

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