Mobile mammography coach rolling to fight breast cancer

The Breast Center at Floyd’s Mobile Mammography Bus goes to community events.

The Breast Center at Floyd’s Mobile Mammography Coach provided 2,199 mammograms to women in northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama in 2020.

Even with the significant challenges presented by COVID, the coach traveled 6,786 miles to women in seven Georgia counties and two Alabama counties to make mammography and clinical breast exams convenient for them.

The 40-foot long pink and green medical clinic on wheels proclaims a message of breast health and awareness to the communities it serves.

Specially trained technologists perform mammograms with the same clinical quality and attention to detail that a patient receives from The Breast Center at Floyd. The vehicle, which began its journey in 2008, includes a small, comfortable waiting area and state-of-the-art digital mammography equipment.

Adding 3D capability to the Mobile Mammography Coach was completed in 2019. Three-dimensional mammography gives radiologists the opportunity to see cancers that can hide behind dense breast tissue and gives them a better view of all breast tissue.

3D mammography takes multiple images of breast tissue from many different angles with the X-ray equipment moving in an arc across the breast. These images are then digitally synthesized to create three-dimensional images.

“Adding the 3D screening really allows us to provide the best imaging available on a vehicle that can get out into the community and reach many women who might not otherwise get a mammography,” said Aimee Griffin, director of Imaging Services at Floyd and director of The Breast Center at Floyd.

“We knew we needed a strategy to reach women who could not come to us,” she said. “We knew that many women in our community simply could not afford to take time away from work, and many others did not have access to transportation to get to and from an appointment more than five to 10 miles away. We knew we needed a way to take this life-saving screening to them.”

Click on the following link to see a schedule for the Mobile Mammography Coach and how to make an appointment:


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