Native Roman Ande Frazier kicked off her book tour with a signing event in Rome last week at the Hawthorn Inn & Suites.

Frazier, who has made a career in the world of personal finance, penned “Fin(anci)ally free: 11 Conversations to have with Yourself about Life, Money and Worth” — a guide aimed primarily at women.

Frazier is an East Rome graduate and daughter of local minister-turned-financial consultant Lamar Barden.

She got her start in the world of finance working with her father, but has significantly expanded her horizon. She now lives on Long Island, New York, where she recently started a company The web-based enterprise offers tips for improving one’s personal financial situation.

“It’s not a how-to book,” Frazier said. “It’s a series of 11 conversations.”

Those conversations run a wide gamut of issues, from a core mindset about money as a youngster growing up to adult relationships with money.

Frazier said that, ideally, people — particularly women — should pay themselves first on payday. Putting away 15% of gross income is a good place to start, but she admits that may be a bit ambitious for some.

“Fifteen percent of gross income ought to be able to cover most things that can happen,” Frazier said.

Women have a number of different issues to consider than their male counterparts, Frazier said. They often have to take time off from work to care for children or aging parents. She said women also have to deal with gender inequality and the fact that they typically live longer than men and are likely to need more money socked away for retirement.

Frazier said women often relinquish responsibility to plan for the future to their male companions — but it’s something that needs to change.

“Women typically think about everyone else before themselves,” Frazier said.

The book is available through most of the national retailers as well as Amazon online.

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